Fisherman’s Wharf Revitalisation Project

Fisherman’s Wharf Revitalisation Project

AW Maritime assisted Queenscliff Harbour in bringing the Fisherman’s Wharf Revitalisation Project to implementation by managing the procurement of all steel sheet pile elements and securing construction contracts in line with public procurement guidelines.  Demolition works commenced in November 2018, with reconstruction of the retaining wall running from May – September 2019.

The main civil works contract was completed by PW Johnson who mobilised their jack-up barge to the site, allowing them to successfully realign the existing failed sheet pile wall and drive the new sheet pile in front. The sheet pile retaining wall is a traditional tie-back wall with tie rods connected back to a buried “deadman” sheetpile anchor wall. The civil contract also included construction of a concrete deck with timber fenders and capping details.

Further work packages to be delivered include landscaping, installation of a kayak launching ramp and construction of a heritage installation including Crazyer’s Shed and interpretive signage.

AW Maritime continues to support Queenscliff Harbour to the completion of the project by providing technical services and contract administration assistance.

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