Inspection and analysis

AW Maritime is a leader in the inspection and analysis of maritime structures for port authorities, government agencies, and private sector clients. We combine extensive experience with advanced design tools to consistently offer our clients cost-effective remedial works and upgrade designs, reducing their expenses and prolonging the life of their assets. Our experience includes the inspection and analysis of wharves, jetties, piers and mooring and berthing structures and ranges from heavy port infrastructure to smaller coastal facilities.

  • Condition Inspection

    The berth at 26 South Wharf is used to import bulk products such as cement and gypsum which are critical to the Victorian construction market. AW Maritime collected structural condition data during a busy shipping schedule with assistance from dive contractors who captured data below the water level.

  • Vulnerability analysis

    AW Maritime has been engaged to compile the key structural data for all beacons, assess the wind, wave and current loading on the structures, complete vulnerability analysis and assist the Port of Melbourne with its ongoing management of their key assets.

  • Condition Inspection and Asset Management Plan

    AW Maritime was engaged by the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee to complete a preliminary condition inspection and develop an asset management plan for Lorne Pier.

  • Detailed structural analysis

    Detailed structural analysis incorporating dive survey of timber pile conditions, assessment of structural displacements under berthing loads, and assessment of mooring failure damage resulting from a severe wind event.

  • Engineering supervision, recording survey data and preparation of structural drawings

    AW Maritime worked with SMC Marine on Walsh Bay Wharf. The project comprised of engineering supervision, recording survey data on diagrammatic log sheets, and preparation of drawings.

  • Condition assessment and analysis of aged timber structure

    AW Maritime assisted the Victorian Regional Channels Authority by completing a condition assessment and analysis of an aged timber structure to determine whether its residual capacity was sufficient to accommodate a small RoRo passenger ferry.

  • Condition audit and upgrade works

    AW Maritime completed a condition assessment of the pier above and below deck including the coordination of all sub consultants (diving, chloride testing) and detailed design of maintenance works to concrete deck beam and headstock elements and steel and timber piles.

  • Condition audit and upgrade works

    AW Maritime has completed the condition assessment of numerous Port of Melbourne Corporation assets. Our services included detailed above and below water timber pile inspections and concrete inspections comprising chloride sampling and half cell potential mapping.

  • Condition assessment and refurbishment

    Detailed condition assessment including an above water inspection of over 2000 timber elements, underwater inspection of timber piles, and detailed inspection of sheetpile wall and capping beam.

  • Structural design of pedestrian platform

    Structural design of a light weight 300m2 pedestrian platform. Several options were prepared including an innovative composite concrete/steel truss which was adopted and provided significant cost savings.

  • Mooring analysis, condition assessment and structural analysis

    Mooring analysis, condition assessment of existing structure, and structural analysis to assess the capacity of an existing bulk import berth to accommodate larger vessels and additional wharf operations.

  • Loads analysis, condition assessment and structural analysis

    Loads analysis, condition assessment of existing structure, and structural analysis to assess the capacity of the existing berth and advice on repairs necessary to maintain existing function for a further 5 years.

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