Mornington Harbour, VIC

Mornington Harbour, VIC

Concept design for Fishermans Jetty and improved harbour navigation

AW Maritime were engaged to assist Parks Victoria to develop a local port area plan addressing the existing challenges experienced for the on-water components of Mornington Harbour. AW Maritime has addressed several issues including a review of existing plans and reports, an analysis of current and future demand, a technical assessment of local ports assets, options for berthing and supporting infrastructure (including Fishermans Jetty), consideration of navigation safety, swing mooring arrangements and community feedback.

AW Maritime helped with defining the vessel fairways in compliance with relevant Australian Standards, confirming a future for Fishermans Jetty and provided direction on the utilization of the swing moorings and berths in consideration of future commercial activities. AW Maritime developed three concept options which were provided to community in October 2023 for public consultation. These options include the rebuild of Fishermans Jetty, accommodate the berthing of commercial ferry and Enterprize Tall Ship.

Client: Parks Victoria

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