Marrinawi Swimming Cove, NSW

Marrinawi Swimming Cove, NSW

Marrinawi Cove is a small existing inlet located near Barangaroo Reserve, Sydney, NSW. It is edged with large sandstone blocks. Swimming at Marrinawi Cove is a free experience for visitors to the precinct, building on the different public open space experiences nearby. It is the first harbour swimming area west of the Harbour Bridge in 50 years. 

AW Maritime was engaged to develop a detailed design for the Marrinawi Cove Swimming Infrastructure based on the concept designs. AWM undertook analysis of site conditions and wave climate, concept design of shark barrier which also acts as a living seawall and the option for wave attenuation. The seawall will be fitted with custom tiles that are specially designed to promote native marine growth and attract sea life. The intention of the seawall is restore native seaweed and marine life to Sydney Harbour. We also designed swimming platforms and water entry points.

Client: SMC Marine


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